Lauren Rikleen

Episode 27 – Advice to Her Younger Self with Lauren Rikleen

Lauren Rikleen, author of Ladder Down and You Raised Us, Now Work With Us, shares her thoughts on liking what you do, advocating for yourself, and building your network. Additional Resources: Website: Book: Ladder Down: Success Strategies for Lawyers from Women Who will be Hiring, Reviewing and Promoting You by Lauren Rikleen Book: You…
Susan Edwards

Episode 26 – Succeeding in Male-Dominated Environments with Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards discusses tips for working successfully in male-dominated environments. Additional Resources: Website: Article: “Seven Tips for Succeeding as a Woman in a Man’s World” by Susan Edwards Download: Susan's Career Success Kit
Mindy MacKenzie

Episode 25 – Know The Business; Know Your Boss with Mindy MacKenzie

Mindy MacKenzie shares three steps you can take to dramatically enhance your impact and increase your fulfillment at work. Additional Resources: Website: Book: The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth-telling with your Boss, Peers and Team by Mindy MacKenzie
Dana Campbell

Episode 24 – Dealing with Burnout with Dana Campbell

Dana Campbell, a burnout coach, discusses how to prevent burnout and how to recover from burnout if it happens to you. Additional Resources: Website:
Jen Overbeck

Episode 23 – Power! Getting it and Using It with Jen Overbeck

Jen Overbeck, an associate professor of management at Melbourne Business School in Melbourne, Australia, discusses how women gain, claim, and effectively use power. Additional Resources: Connect: Join Jen Overbeck on Twitter @smartorgs Article : “You don’t have to be the boss to change how your company works” by Jen Overbeck
Wendy Wallbridge

Episode 22 – Shift Your Thinking to Unlock Your Power with Wendy Wallbridge

Wendy Wallbridge, author of Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-creative Powers for Women on the Rise, discusses how a shift in thinking can enable women to have more authentic and successful careers. Additional Resources: Website: and Book: Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-creative Powers for Women on the Rise by Wendy Wallbridge Go here to get a…
Joann Lubin

Episode 21 – Advice from Women at the Top of the Business World with Joann Lublin

Joann Lublin, a management news editor at the Wall Street Journal, shares advice based on her book, Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World, in which she interviewed 52 senior women, 65% of whom were past or present CEOs of public companies. Additional Resources: Website: Book: Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons…
Julie Coffman

Episode 20 – Women May Be Less Ambitious – But It’s Not Because of Kids with Julie Coffman

Julie Coffman, a partner at Bain and Company, a global consulting firm, and head of Bain’s Global Women’s Leadership Council discusses research that explores why women are less likely to aspire to top jobs and what can be done about it.   Additional Resources: Articles: Bain insights on gender parity - Everyday moments of truth  
Laura Vanderkam

Episode 19 – Finding Time for What Matters with Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It, What Successful People Do Before Breakfast and 168 Hours, discusses how to align your priorities with how you spend you time. Her suggestions are based on analysis of over 1000 time logs of successful women. Additional Resources: Website: Books: Know How She Does It,…