Sara Holtz

Sara Holtz is passionate about helping women succeed in the workplace (and in life).

Sara launched the ADVICE TO MY YOUNGER ME podcast as a “pay-it-forward” project to provide younger women with the tools they need to reach their highest potential. The goal of the podcast is to help them navigate a sometimes confusing workplace by drawing on the wisdom of women who have gone before.

In each episode, Sara and her guest engage in a conversation about how women can thrive at work. Serving as virtual mentors to the next generation of women leaders, each ADVICE TO MY YOUNGER ME guest is an expert in her field who provides clear, practical advice to inspire and empower listeners.

Sara comes to this podcast after a very accomplished career — for the first twenty years as a business lawyer and senior executive at Fortune 500 companies and then, for the past twenty years, as a nationally-recognized expert helping women lawyers achieve career success (www.clientfocus.net).  She is the author of Bringin’ In the Rain: A Women Lawyer’s Guide to Business Development. She received the American Bar Association’s prestigious Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award in recognition of the impact that her work has had on helping other women succeed.  She is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School.

Sara lives in San Francisco, with her Havanese dog, Kirby.  She has two 20-something sons who sometimes take her advice.  Her favorite thing is a great conversation. Travel is also high on her list.  And of course, she loves listening to podcasts.

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